Earlier this year, Google released an experimental app called Reply out of its Area 120 workshop. The app brought smart reply features to a few messaging apps, not unlike the smart reply features now found in Android Messages and Gmail.

The thing is, it looks like Reply will never see the light of day. Reply beta testers just received an email from Area 120 thanking them for testing Reply, but stating that the “experiment has now ended.”

The message goes on to say that it might continue to work for a few months, but the quality of the experience will start to degrade over time. The good news is that Reply’s features will start to make their way into other apps—a la the new smart reply features that recently made their way into Gmail.

It’s not a huge shocker to see the standalone app get abandoned—it never really worked that well on its own in the first place—it’s nice to see these smart features making their way to other apps. The full email is quoted below for those interested.

Hello Reply user,

You’re receiving this email because you installed the Reply app from Area
120 at Google. Thanks for doing that!

As you know, Reply was an experiment, and that experiment has now ended.
While it might still work for the next few months, you may encounter bugs,
or see that the suggestions aren’t as good.

We worked with teams in Google to make sure the ideas and learnings from
Reply will live on in other Google products.

All the best, and see you next time!
The Reply Team at Area 120

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