Google is shutting down Inbox in March 2019, and encouraging users to switch back to Gmail.

Inbox was a testing ground of sorts for new Gmail features. Some of the best features in the new Gmail were in Inbox first, including smart replies, snoozing emails for later, and priority notifications.

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A few features aren’t coming over, however, including pinned emails, reminders, and bundles. Personally I’m going to miss bundles, which used AI to gather similar emails into groups like “Updates” and “Promos.” There’s nothing similar in Gmail right now. Sure, Google suggests setting up Inbox tabs, but that’s not the same thing. Inbox was also a lot cleaner than Gmail, which tends to feel cluttered.

Which isn’t to say that Gmail is bad. It isn’t. But there was just a lot about Inbox to like, and I’m going to miss it, especially on my phone. I bet I’m not alone.

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