If you’re annoyed by the “smart” replies Gmail started putting below your emails, good news: you’ll be able to disable them on the desktop soon.

Google revealed this option is coming in a Wall Street Journal piece, which also stated that such smart responses now make up 10 percent of messages sent over Gmail. That suggests a lot of people are clicking these suggestions, but not everyone loves seeing them below every email they read.

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Which is why it’s nice the feature will be opt-out on the desktop soon. You can already disable the feature on mobile right now by heading to the settings for your account and turning off “Smart Replies.”

If you’d rather not wait for Google to offer the option, Lifehacker’s David Murphy points out that you can block the replies box using uBlock Origin. Just install the extension, then right-click the box where the notifications are. You can block the entire thing. It’s quick and dirty, but it works.

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