Accidentally sending an unfinished email is the worst, and so is changing your mind right after hitting send. Happily Android Gmail users now have access to an undo button.

The desktop version of Gmail has long offered the ability to ‘unsend’ messages, which basically just delays sending for a time so that you can change your mind. Version 8.7 of the Gmail app for Android adds the Undo feature, meaning if you accidentally tap Send you can pull back the email quickly by tapping “Undo”, as shown above.

Tap “Undo” and you’ll be taken back to the compose screen, allowing you to change something dumb in your email or delete it entirely.

Oddly enough Google added the feature to Gmail years ago, but Android Police’s Ryan Hager confirms this is brand new for Android users. Weird, but it’s a good thing that Android users have the feature now. Enjoy, and email safely!

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