Mojave, the new version of macOS coming out this fall, features a desert wallpaper that subtly changes throughout the day, reflecting the sunrise and sunset where you live.

Windows and Linux users can have this feature right now, even though macOS users have to wait until the fall. Life isn’t fair.

WinDynamicDesktop is a free portable Windows application that automatically downloads the macOS wallpapers and changes them throughout the day, just like it works in macOS Mojave. You can also use custom images, if you want; find directions for that here.

Linux users can do the same thing, though it’s somewhat complicated. Joey Sneddon at OMG Ubuntu points out how, and it should work on any Linux distro running Gnome. Check out that article for full instructions.

Enjoy the wallpaper, and the subtle switches throughout the day. Be sure to tell your Mac using friends how great not waiting feels, but don’t get too cocky: Mac users have a much better Dark Mode coming, along with a bunch of other features.

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