Online crowd-sourced musical encyclopedia Genius has selected Apple Music as its official music player. The move means users no longer have to swap between listening to a song in the Apple Music app and flipping through song annotations.

Starting today, Apple Music subscribers can log into Genius and play any song of their choosing straight from the song page. This will require that you’re logged in to both your Genius and Apple Music accounts, of course, but it makes things a lot simpler than logging in to Genius and then opening iTunes to log in separately if you’re interested in listening to a song. The inverse is also true, as you can access Genius straight from within the Apple Music app.

Genius has also integrated its extensive database of lyrics with Apple Music, eliminating the need to leave the app to search for exactly what your favorite artist is saying. Previously, if you needed to prove someone wrong by looking up a quick lyric, you’d need to exit the Apple Music app or minimize it and make the move to a browser.

With this integration that’s a thing of the past, as you can simply skim through a song, pick out something to listen to, and immediately bring up lyrics or the annotations from Genius itself all without leaving the app—or without leaving the site if you’re browsing on a computer. With this new development, it looks like Spotify may need to think about being adopted by a similar service so it can keep up.

Source: Genius