Windows 10: Quickly adjust the volume for all of your applications, separately, and send audio from different applications to different playback devices.

EarTrumpet lets you do all that and more from the Windows 10 system tray, and it’s so sleek you’ll wonder why Windows didn’t behave this way in the first place. Sure, you could adjust application volumes before, but this a lot faster.

And there are a few other nice touches. Middle clicking the icon mutes all audio, for example, and each slider can be adjusted using your scroll wheel.

EarTrumpet adds an icon to your tray that looks like the default volume icon. You’re going to want to customize your tray icons, so you can hide that default icon. After you do that you might forget this program is even running.

Our thanks to Tom Warren at The Verge for pointing this app out to us. It’s well worth a look.

Justin Pot Justin Pot
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