iPhone/iPad: Not interested in Apple Pay, and tired of seeing notifications about it? You can disable them, but the option is hidden.

Here’s the trick: you have to tap “Set Up Apple Pay,” then tap “Cancel” at the top or “Set Up Later in Wallet” at the bottom.

This will kill off the notification without enabling Apple Pay. Of course, this isn’t an obvious series of steps at all. Here’s John Gruber writing for Daring Fireball:

It is inscrutably counterintuitive to need to tap a button that says “Set Up Apple Pay” when your intention is to stop being nagged to set it up because you don’t want to set up Apple Pay.

Why is Apple doing this? Because they really, really want you to set up Apple Pay. It’s a dark pattern, intended to manipulate your behavior.

We’ll take a moment to point out that Apple Pay is fast and secure, and pretty useful. But we also respect that not everyone wants it, especially on an iPhone or iPad primarily used by children. We wish Apple would be just a little less user-hostile here.

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