Microsoft’s Cortana voice assistant has struggled to stay relevant, and it looks like it’s reached its last brick wall. Cortana will no longer compete with other voice assistants, but will instead be available as an Alexa Skill, as well as work with Google Assistant at some point.

The company’s CEO, Satya Nadella, admitted during an event earlier this week that Cortana hasn’t been able to compete well with Alexa and Google Assistant, but said that it’s still a core feature for its customers, most notably those who use Office 365.

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With that said, Nadella confirmed that Cortana will be available on Alexa devices via an Alexa Skill that you’ll be able to install. From there, you’ll be able to ask Alexa to call upon Cortana. Nadella also wants Cortana to be available on Google Assistant, but it seems like that integration is still in the works for now.

This certainly doesn’t seem like a surprising move, as Microsoft has greeted Alexa with open arms in the past, with Amazon’s voice assistant already integrated into various Microsoft products like Skype and the Xbox One, as well as in Windows. While Cortana was originally seen as a direct competitor, it’s clear that’s no longer the case.

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