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A Comcast Xfinity website was leaking Wi-Fi names and passwords, meaning now is a good time to change your Wi-Fi passcode.

The site, intended to help new customers set up new routers, could easily be fooled into revealing the location of and password for any customer’s Wi-Fi network. A customer ID and a house or apartment number was all would-be attackers needed to get full access to your network, along with your full address.

Here’s Zack Whittaker, writing for ZDNet:

ZDNet obtained permission from two Xfinity customers to check their information. We were able to obtain their full address and zip code—which both customers confirmed.

The site returned the Wi-Fi name and password—in plaintext—used to connect to the network for one of the customers who uses an Xfinity router. The other customer was using his own router—and the site didn’t return the Wi-Fi network name or password.

Comcast removed this feature after Whittaker’s article was published, but there’s always the chance someone grabbed your password before that happened. Changing your Wi-Fi password now is the only way to make sure no one has it. Here’s our guide to changing your Wi-Fi password, and here are Comcast’s instructrions.

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It should be noted that this bug only affected Comcast customers who are renting a Comcast router. So not only can buying your own router save you $120 a year, it also protects you from Comcast’s security blunders. We highly recommend you do that.

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