Chrome can generate secure passwords for you, but you have to dig through some obscure settings and enable an experimental feature.

The feature creates strong passwords and saves them to your Google account via Google Smart Lock. Enabling this won’t take long, either.

First make sure Chrome is logged in with a Google account. Next enter chrome://flags in your address bar and hit Enter. This will bring up a variety of hidden options. Search for “Password” and you should see the Password generation option:

Select “Enabled” then restart your browser. Now try to create an account, right-click the password field, and click “Generate Password.”

You’ll see a popup offering a strong password, and the ability to save it to Google Smart Lock.

Note that this is an experimental feature. You should probably use a full featured password manager instead of relying on a potentially buggy Chrome feature, at least. If you’d rather stick to Google tools, however, this might work for you. Our thanks to Lawrence Abrams at Bleeping Computer for pointing this feature out to us.

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