Chrome now recommends strong passwords when you create an account, meaning you’ve got no excuse for re-using a password ever again.

As of this week Chrome suggests strong passwords anytime you’re setting up a new online account. The passwords are then saved to your Google account, meaning they sync to every computer and mobile device you use Chrome on.

We’ve been telling people to start using a password manager for a long time, because re-using passwords means one security breach exposes all of your accounts. With this change to Chrome Google gives millions of Chrome users a kind of password manager in one fell swoop. I think tools like LastPass and similar tools are still worthwhile, because they offer a lot of other features, but with password creation Chrome’s offering is probably good enough for most users. It’s certainly better than using “password123” for every account.

In case you’re wondering: Chrome’s new feature is the hidden Chrome password manager we pointed out back in May, except it’s no longer hidden as of Chrome 69.

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