Apple won’t talk about AirPower, their revolutionary, multiple-device wireless charging pad that missed the ship deadline—but now they are selling a new Belkin wireless charging pad that both looks really nice and is exclusive to Apple. Is this supposed to be a replacement for AirPower?

AirPower What?

For the uninitiated, we’ve been really excited about AirPower since it was first announced because it was supposed to solve the biggest problem with wireless charging: support for multiple devices. If you’re invested in the Apple ecosystem, you probably have at least an iPhone and an Apple Watch, and if you really love magical products, you’ve switched to using Airpods (seriously, they are amazing). But plugging in 3 separate devices is a pain, and that doesn’t even count your laptop, tablets, and other gear.

AirPower was a revolutionary new multiple-device charging pad that will probably never ship

Airpower was supposed to solve that problem. But it missed the spring deadline. And then it missed the fall iPhone event. And now you can barely find it mentioned anywhere. There are lots of rumors on the twitters that the tech from the company they bought just doesn’t work. All indications point to one thing: that AirPower is probably dead, or at least delayed like Duke Nukem, Forever.

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Now Apple is Recommending This Exclusive Belkin Wireless Charging Pad

This Belkin wireless charger looks “Apple-y”

Like every good Apple zealot, I set an alarm on my Apple Watch for 3:01AM EST so that I could wake up and finish my pre-order. During the checkout process, Apple immediately recommended that I buy this exclusive Belkin wireless charger—which looks awfully “Apple-y”. It comes in both white and black, has chrome metal on the sides, and it looks like a much higher end product than the average cheap wireless charger that inevitably comes in only black. The edges even have a similar bezel style.

So Apple partnered with Belkin, a leader in accessories, to make a product that looks a lot like something Apple would make themselves. It supports fast 7.5W wireless charging. And it’s exclusively sold on Apple’s website and recommended when you’re buying a new iPhone. It’s not multiple-device, but it looks like something that fits with your other Apple products.

Yeah, this is probably as close as we’re going to get to the AirPower we were promised. So did their recommendation work?

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