Tomorrow Apple has yet another big product announcement, and this one is focused on the iPad. Here’s everything we know about what’s going to happen.

The Event is Being Held in Brooklyn

Almost all Apple events are held on the west coast, so it’s really interesting that this one is being held on the east coast. You can watch it live via Apple’s site or the Apple Events app on Apple TV, tomorrow, October 30th, at 10 AM EDT.

All of the press invites, and the images on Apple’s site, are artistic drawings of the Apple logo—which clearly identifies the Pencil and the iPad Pro as the main reason for this event.

New iPad Pro with FaceID and No Home Button

Image Credit: 9to5Mac

Thanks to a bazillion leaks from everywhere for months, we know that Apple is going to be launching a new iPad that essentially mimics the iPhone X by removing most of the bezels and replaces the home button with swipe navigation. Instead of TouchID, the new iPad Pro will use FaceID to log you in by simply looking at the screen. And there will likely be a new Pencil, and maybe a smart connector change.

Additional rumors point to things like USB-C, although it’s much more likely that Apple will just switch the other end of the charging cable that it comes with—instead of distributing Lightning to USB-A charging cables, they will probably switch to Lightning to USB-C and include one of their newer fast chargers. They also just started selling an Apple Watch charging cable with USB-C on the other end rather than USB-A, so it makes sense.

Maybe a New Retina MacBook Air, Finally

It seems like every year the rumors say that Apple will finally launch a new MacBook Air with a high-resolution screen. And every year they refuse to do it.

The rumor machine is going again though, and supposedly this time it’s really going to happen. The 12” MacBook hasn’t been updated in a while, and it’s really due for some changes as well, so it would make sense if they either release a new Air as a lower-cost version, or make that the lower cost one, and make the Air into a bigger version of the 12” MacBook.

But you’d be wise to not hold your breath.

Maybe New Mac Minis, iMacs, or Mac Pros

The Mac Mini has not been updated in 4 years, it’s still just ancient. They also haven’t updated the Mac Pro in forever—though they did announce that they are working on it—and the regular iMac is due for a spec bump, at least.

It seems more likely that they will hold off and have a separate Mac event, or just wait to announce them at WWDC early next year. But you never know.

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