Ubuntu 18.04, codename Bionic Beaver, came out this week, but that’s not all: Ubuntu’s official flavors also offer new releases.

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Linux users love choice, and one thing they love choosing between is desktop environments. And while it’s easy to switch to another desktop interface, it’s even easier to install a version of Ubuntu running the desktop environment that you want.

Hence Ubuntu flavors, which are built around these alternative desktops. There are new versions of Kubuntu, Xubuntu, Ubuntu Budgie and Ubuntu MATE available for download right now; Joey Sneddon, writing for OMG Ubuntu outlined them nicely, but here’s a (very) quick list of highlights:

  • Kubuntu now offers the latest KDE desktop: 5.12. There’s also a new theme, and built-in support for securely encrypting folders.
  • Xubuntu used the XFCE desktop. The new version replaced a few a few of its default apps and offers a new Power Manager utility.
  • Ubuntu Budgie uses the Budgie desktop. The new version offers new desktop applets and dynamic workspaces.
  • Ubuntu Kylin is intended for Chinese users and kind of resembles Windows 7. The new version ships with a bunch of new apps, including the WPS office suite and a brand new video player.
  • Ubuntu MATE uses the MATE desktop, which is inspired by older versions of Gnome. The new version offers a new app menu, a new file manager, and a MATE Tweak tool that con configure HiDPI settings among other things.

That’s our quick rundown, check out OMG Ubuntu’s full rundown for more information.

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