Google Cast is the gold standard for streaming content from your phone to speakers, TVs, and more, but something that Amazon has refused adding to its devices and services. So instead, it created its own.

The aptly-named Alexa Cast is Amazon’s solution here, though it’s initial implementation is very limited—it only works on Alexa products (Echo, third-party Alexa speakers, and Fire devices) and with Amazon’s own music app. So, at least for the current time, it doesn’t support anything other than audio streaming.

While it’s not a true Google Cast competitor for the Alexa spaceĀ yet, it’s a nice start. This will allow Alexa users to start music on their phone, seamlessly transfer it to a compatible Alexa-enabled device, then move it back to the phone.

It’s unclear where Alexa Cast will go from here, but one can speculate that Amazon intends on building a full Google Cast competitor for its own ecosystem. Just one more thing to add to the long list in Google and Amazon’s quarrel with each other.

According to Jacob Kastrenakes at the Verge, Amazon has more plans for Alexa Cast, it’s just not telling right now:

Amazon hasnā€™t announced any details yet about where Alexa Cast will go next. So thereā€™s no word on whether third-party apps, like Spotify, will be able to add this feature. ā€œWeā€™ll continue to improve this feature and expand support over time,ā€ a spokesperson toldĀ The VergeĀ in an email.


Amazon will be updated its Music app for iOS and Android today with an Alexa Cast button on the Now Playing screen.

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