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(Solved) - zip file opener

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  • Started 4 years ago by curry318
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I'll tell you why. Certain people do not want us to know about these things. It's been going on for many years and I just found out about it myself. I thought MSG and aspartame were bad, but GMO's make that stuff look like nothing. the sad part is that most foods have both, or all of those problems. You know about the depopulation plan don't you? Well, bad food is part of it. they are trying to get rid of us inferior beings! Tomorrow is the day they vote on Prop 37 in California. I hope to God it passes. then they will have to label the GMO foods. It will be a sad day if it does not pass, but I know that the people fighting for it will not stop regardless of what happens tomorrow. It will just be a little set back. that's all.

I just want you guys (and ladies) to know that my problems with my computer are solved. I got the zip opener problem solved. I was able to download something called jzip; however, I really didn't like it - too complicated and I hated the icon. It was ugly. I wanted my cute little file folder with a zipper on it icon that had just disappeared one day. So then my Kindle for PC disappeared and Amazon tried but could not help me. We kept getting that darn error that I was getting with the zip opener problem.

So I ran a full scan with Norton, then I ran a full scan with SuperAntiSpyware and Malwarebytes, and all of a sudden I got my Kindle back. Then just a few minutes ago, I decided to just get rid of the jzip, because I already had 7zip, and guess what! Suddenly that ugly jzip icon turned into my favorite little file folder with a zipper on it icon! I'm a happy camper now! thanks to you all!

Keep up on that GMO stuff, look up depopulation, study up on MSG and aspartame and other food additives. And another thing, don't let anybody give you any vaccines, including flu shots. Regardless of what you are told, they are NOT good for you. That's just another way to make us all sick. I can give you a lot more information and links if you want them, too. Just let me know. :) bye

Accepted Answer · Posted 4 years ago
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Thanks curry318.... glad your zip icon is back.

BTW, I just finished watching "Conspiracy Theory" hosted by Jesse Ventura. The show was about the 9/11 coverup theory. Amazing how crooked/evil the U.S Government is.
Sure, post some links on that stuff, but I would advise you to post them in the Off Topic forum.


Posted 4 years ago
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the 9/11 coverup is not a theory. It's a fact. That is one of my favorite subjects also.

thanks. I will use the Off Topic forum. :) good night

Posted 4 years ago
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Please folks this site, by it's rules, prohibit discussion of government and politics in general, even in the OT.
There are thousands of sites where those discussions are relevant, this is not one of them. Closing since solved.

Posted 4 years ago

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