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Word 2007 - Can't stop blinking text

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  • Started 7 years ago by mrmojomike
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So I'm about to pull out my freaking hair over here. My coworker thought he would be cute and made some blinking text in a Word 2003 document. He sent it over to me for me to check out (I have Word 2007). Yeah it was neat, whatever. Now everytime I open up Word it is automatically set to have blinking text. I searched around and the best fix I found was this:

Press Alt+F11 to open the Macro editor. Press Ctrl+G to open the Immediate
Window at the bottom of the editor. Type or paste in this line:

ActiveDocument.Range.Font.Animation = wdAnimationNone

With the cursor anywhere in that line, press the Enter key. That will turn off
the blinking.

Close the Macro window and save the document.

I do this and it stops temporarily. But everytime I close and reopen Word the *#$%*$# blinking text is back!?!?!?!!

Anyone have any advice please? I even tried uninstalling Office and reinstalling it but that didn't help either.

I dunno what all information you need but here are some specs about my computer:
Dell Optiplex 330
Windows XP Pro SP3
Intel Core 2 Duo CPU
E4600 @ 2.4GHz
1.20 Ghz, 1.98 GB of RAM
(straight from My Computer - Properties)
Microsoft Office 2007

Thanks in advance for your help!

Posted 7 years ago
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Sounds to me like whatever your coworker did has installed a script or changed a registry entry. If that person is still available, I'd ask him what it was &/or how did they get it. By what method was it sent to you?

Posted 7 years ago

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