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Word 2007, Canada French keyboard- keys missing

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  • Started 5 years ago by Melita
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Hello, I am using Windows 7 with Word 2007 with a French Canadian keyboard. I type regularly in English, French and Spanish, and these languages have been installed, but I always use the French Canadian keyboard. I cannot find the umlaut, aka dieresis, i.e. the two dots above certain vowels. I also cannot put an accent grave on upper-case letters.


Posted 5 years ago
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Umlauts are only on German keyboards. And accents on upper case letters are hardly ever used - even in French. But you can find all of those in the Character Map in All Programs > Accessories > System tools.

Posted 5 years ago
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You can use spell check, french version. Or you can just google the word, then copy and paste like ...Noël, Œuf , À, à, È, è, ...etc...

Posted 5 years ago
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Here's the easy way:

Many dozens more @

Posted 5 years ago
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When you are in French-Canadian keyboard on Windows you do not have to type Alt+0nnn combinations to type two dots above i or e.
Press the keyboard button Shift+"[" (upper case of square bracket, the key to the right of the key "p", in the second row of the keyboard) followed by the letter that you want to appear with umlaut.
For example:
Shift+[, i gives ï (like in maïs)
Shift+[, e gives ë (like in Noël)

Note, that the same trick without Shift gives you more frequently used accent circumflex:
[, o gives ô
[, u gives û

Posted 4 years ago

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