I am working on a document for a client and I need it to be as user friendly as possible. As such, I've connecting my Heading 1 Style with Level 1 in a multilevel listing, and Heading 2 Style with the Level 2 in the multilevel listing. The connection gives the user the ability to add more headings, and have the subsequent heading pick up on the numbering convention.

However, the client would like to retain the numbering within the document before I started formatting it. Generally not an issue. The Level 1 connects into the Level 2 in the multilevel listing, so both increase as more text is added and formatted as Heading 1 or Heading 2. The issue is the client initially had the number as 101, 102, 103 etc. which poses the problem. '1' is connected to Level 1, and '3' connects to Level 2. The '0' (zero) is a place holder until we get to '10. Then I'd like it to go away! so I can get 110, not 1010!

In other programs you can solve this by adding '0' in front of the secondary '1' and the zero becomes part of the number instead of just a place holder.

Does anyone know how to do this so I can retain the look of the client's document, but increase the user-friendliness of it?


Posted 8 years ago