this is my first post. Here we go.


I'm trying to share files and a HP1220C printer that are on my XP Home Edition Dell desktop PC. I need to access these from my Win 7 home premium laptop.

I have created a workgroup same name on both pcs and shared both for networking and file and printer sharing.

Both PCS can sometimes see each other but I cannot get beyond the My Computer icon to see the folders it says network error. 0x80070035 I have found if I remove the wireless dongle from the desktop and plug it in again the laptop can see it however when I go to click Dell PC icon on the Win 7 laptop it says network error??

Tried enabling TCP/IP and turning off the firewall (and disabling NORTON or building IP LAN trust) and ensuring the ports are opened in both systems. I have pinged the Desktop and I'm getting a reply I can also see both the Laptop and the Desktop are connected by logging into my router.

The router is a Netgear WNR2000 the drivers for this and the dongle are only loaded onto the Desktop. Laptop has it own wireless card.

The anti virus system on the Desktop is AVAST and Malware bytes.

I'm aware of a similar topic on this site it hasn't solved the problem.



Posted 7 years ago