Big problem with my windows xp tower machine (its a Pryon - A450)...
The thing with it is, sometimes it will boot normally into Windows XP and last maybe 10 minutes,
sometimes it will show the normal boot screen but then just not show anything at all after that,
and sometimes, it doesn't even boot at all, giving me sometimes one beep, and sometimes many
beeps in quick succession. About the only way I can actually use the thing is if I put it into safe mode
with networking... and even then, I can't sync my ipod or download anything above a few kilobytes coz
the internet goes at snails pace in safe mode...

Please, any help will be much appreciated, I just want to get my beloved (or not so much now) PC up and running again!
Thank you all,
Antares (Deano)

Posted 4 years ago