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windows vista problem?

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  • Started 9 years ago by silentshowers
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Hi, a few weeks ago i built my new computer. i installed windows vista on it. so i am not sure if the problems i am having are due to some hardware issue that i may have not set up right (i am not an experienced computer builder) or vista... i assume it's vista though.

one of the issues i have is sometimes i will go to my start menu and try to open a folder (my computer, my documents, or a microsoft office program, anything really) and nothing will happen. the computer just doesn't respond. If i restart, then it works fine again or if i wait maybe 10 minutes or so then it will work again. but sometimes i have multiple things open or a few IE windows open and its' not always the most convenient thing to have to restart. especially since sometimes when the computer decideds to not respond - i also cant save what i have open or add the IE windows into my favorites for easy access again. i dont know what the hell is going on but it's sooo annoying. i can't imagine waht it is doing. it seems almost frozen but not really because i can move the mouse and click things... just nothing happens... it doesn't even act like it's TRYING to do something. it just sits there as if i've told it to do nothing at all. this happens ALL the time, multiple times an hour.

i dont even know how to start going about determining what the problem is. any help would be appreciated.

Posted 9 years ago
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What are the specs maybe something is not compatible since you built it yourself

Posted 9 years ago
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are you overclocking the machine? What I'd do is run the memory diagnostic tests and see if there's a problem there:

Posted 9 years ago
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Some obvious stuff to try:

Does Control-alt-delete work - can you bring up task manager and see if programs are responding?
I like the memory diagnostic tests the moderator suggested, and sometimes just reseating the memory itself will help.
Check every cable again.
Are the fans running correctly - can something be overheating? (the 10 minute thing...)
Can you start the computer in safe mode and test things then, with less devices running? If you have one intermittently bad component this might get around that (I'll bet the moderator will be able to better explain how to do this step by step, but you get the idea).

Posted 9 years ago

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