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(Solved) - Windows Taskbar jump lists don't show "recently used"

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  • Started 6 years ago by StudioGal
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After using W7 for several months and loving it overall, I finally decided I really didn't like the Libraries feature and disabled it using the program provided here .

(I liked the "old fashioned" way of viewing files and folders and I found the Libraries feature really confused me as to what files were located where because I have a very logical-for-me structure of folders and subfolders.)

Anyway... When I rebooted after the registry hack, all of my "pinned" documents were no longer pinned to the taskbar. But it was easily fixed, for most of the programs I use (Adobe), I simply opened the file within the program and was able to repin the documents I wanted.

HOWEVER, Windows programs are uncooperative. I used the same procedure (open the program, open the document/file), but when I close the file it does not appear on the Recently Used part of the Jump List. Programs affected are the latest editions of Notepad, Excel, Word. Oddly, 2003 Publisher worked fine.

SO, long story short, how do you pin documents/files to the jump list if they don't show up in the Recently Used list?

Many THANKS for any elucidation!!!!

Posted 6 years ago
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Still trying to find out why this is happening. Thanks!

Posted 6 years ago
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Right click on the start and click properties now click on start menu tab is both privacy options ticked

Posted 6 years ago
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Yes, both are ticked.


Meanwhile, I hunted around Google and found the following answer about corrupted "Recently used" files:


I used this solution from "cmep":

Jump List...that is corrupted in AutomaticDestinations-hidden system folder is the likely solution.. To resolve and fix the issue, follow these steps:

1. Open Windows Explorer .
2. Type or copy and paste the following into the address bar:
3. Identify files that are comparatively larger in size than the rest of the file, such as files that have file size of 1 MB or more.
Delete the abnormal file.
Tip: If you do not want to retain the Jump Lists’ recent items history on all applications, just delete all the automaticDestinations-ms files in the folder.
4. The recent items functionality on Jump Lists will be restored. The recent items on the Jump Lists will be re-added as the program is been used. However, do note that the solution does not restore the previously pinned items. So user will have to pin new items again.

And I removed all the files per the Tip in #3.

So far, so good! Hope this helps anyone else who runs into this issue.

Accepted Answer · Posted 6 years ago
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I have found this is not always repairable. I have a user on Win 7 Pro, his jump lists will not take any further links or recent documents. If you try to click and drag a folder to the Explorer jump list, it becomes a red circle with a line through (basically saying you can't do this). I tried the above solutions, but it did not work. The only other thing I suspect I can try is to rebuild his profile, but then he loses all of his customizations. So the user now has to go to 3rd party software if he wants to use them again. It would be nice if Microsoft came out with a fix for it, it is a known issue.

Posted 6 years ago

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