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Windows Server 2012 Essentials Domain join problems

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  • Started 4 years ago by JaneMeGeeky
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I have come across a very interesting yet bad problem regarding one of my servers. Its running Windows Server 2012 "Essentials".
For some reason it wont accept any new comuters into the dimain no more.
Right now there are 10 computers connected to it. And as far as i know it has a limit of 25.

So to connect your clients you use your webbrowser and you browse to "http://servername/connect/" (where "servername" is the name of your server oviously.

Th clients finds the site, and you can then download the program that starts the process of joining the computer into the domain. Everything works just fine, it finds the server on the network (obviously), then installs Net 4.5 if needed and so forth. BUT, when you have entered the username and password and press enter, it says the server is unavailable and stops the installation process.

Ive even tried to join the computers bypassing the /connect setup by joining it the regular way using the Computer properties way. But here is where it gets interesting. It says it cant find the domain AFTER it asks for the username and password to join the domain. Does anyone but me find this VERY strange and ilogical?

So of course the first thing that came to my head is DNS. Must be a dns problem but no one has touched the server. It just descided to stop accepting computers that join the domain. Ive Checked the DNS entries, ive run all the DCDIAG tests i could think of regarding DNS and Active Directory functionality and diagnostics. Everything passes with flying colors Except for one thing witch is root-name servers. Althought i believe thats okay since the server is a LOCAL server and does not need the internet root servers. Note: Forward and reverse lookup zones have been created.

So my problem is basicly, My 2012 Essentials Server has stopped accepting client computers into the domain, big possibility of DNS problems judging from my own experience but no one has touched the server and it just stopped working on its own.

Anyone got any ideas on this matter?

Best regards!

Posted 4 years ago
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What about joining a PC to the domain the old fashioned way? have you tried it, i.e advanced system settings and then change the domain to the new domain i.e

newdomain.local then it will ask for Admin user and password, then reboot PC. This is what i usually do with my users on the SBS2010 server.

How many user cals have you installed?

Posted 4 years ago
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Not sure if this is related, but since I see no information about it on Microsoft's sites. How many Device CAL's does Essentials 2012 come with? It says over and over again about being able to connect up to 25 users, but that has always been a separate number from devices. Most of Microsoft's small business software EULA seems to state up to 10 devices.

Posted 4 years ago
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yes the default Cals are 10 i believe, after which there will need ot be additional users cals purchased in order to get more PC's to join the active directory and domain.

Ive just built a SBS2010 server, love it, very nice indeed. but had to purchase an additional 80 user cals after the first 10 were used up.

Posted 4 years ago

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