Upgrated from Vista to Windows 7
Of course lost Windows Mail
Had a hard time to Install Windows Live Hotmail, but it is done.
for one thing, Hotmail didn't transfer anything from Windows Mail.
Windows Mail folder is still there, under C:\Program Files, only WinMail (Application) was missing.
Copyied this WinMail from other Vista computer, but it still not works.
Tried another suggestion, Renamed Windows Mail on W7 computer,
Copyied Windows Mail folder from Vista Computer into W7 computer into same directory.
Another suggestion was to replace the filles in to this new directory with original files as were in Vista computer.
Still not working and getting Error from WinMail.exe ((0x800C0155)
and little later getting another message from Windows Mail " Windows Mail could not started because of another
instance of it still running on this computer. Please log off of Windows, and then restert Windows Mail. If the problem persist,
Save your work and then restart your computer.
And again latter from Windows Mail: Windows Mail could not be started because MSOE.DLL could not be initalized.

Tried both, close the Window and restart the computer.

Can any body help, I would like to stay with Windows Mail

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