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Windows 8 - Vista troubles on steroids

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  • Started 4 years ago by rebell1952
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I was going to skip Windows 8, but then I realized that "touch screen" devices are the next phase of PCs (I believe desktops are being pushed out in favor of devices whose hardware cannot be upgraded) and there is likely to never again be an OS with a traditional Windows desktop. So, I purchased Windows 8 Pro w/Media Center on 12/06/12 and trashed it on 12/28/12 and went back to Windows 7, because after 22 days of installing, configuring, reinstalling, trying to get programs to download and once downloaded to actually install and then formatting and starting all over again with the same results, I realized that Windows 8 is Vista and all its frustrations on steroids!

I was attempting to run Windows 8 in a dual boot environment with Windows 7. At first I had trouble getting both to boot out of the Boot Menu. Then I couldn't get backups or images of Windows 7 to restore Windows 7 nor was I able to make backups or images of Windows 8, using both Microsoft and third-party backup and retore utilities. Reformatted the drive, set up two partitions, installed Windows 7 on Volume 2 and then Windows 8 on Volume 1, and began trying to install my programs (all of which were compatible with Windows 7 when purchased), but I couldn't get most to even download to Win8 and the few that I did get downloaded wouldn't install even with compatibility settings, and yes, this included Microsoft programs like Office 2010 Pro. I tried redownloading Windows 8 Pro and reburning the install disc, I even tried a USB thumbdrive to install Win 8 and some of the programs that wouldn't install from the Windows 8 desktop. However, I was not experiencing any such problems in Win7, once I was able to get it to boot (but then Win 8 wouldn't boot) so there appears to have been no hardware issues.

I tried dozens of suggestions from a dozen or more forum sites including Microsoft Answers and TechNet. I am a Microsoft Partner Network member and have been working on and building computers for as long as there have been PCs and I have never encountered problems like the ones I had with Win8, nor could I find answers anywhere. Many of the "answers" were solutions to somewhat similar problems that didn't work in my case and sometimes the answer had nothing to do with the problem at hand.

I don't know if Win8 just doesn't play nice with other Windows OSes or what, but I am not going to install Win8 by itself, just to find out the troubles have not gone away.

Has anyone else run into imposible impediments to installing and/or using Win8 and if so, did you get it fixed or just go back to Win7 as I did?

Posted 4 years ago
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Please post the Make and Exact Model Number of your computer or motherboard.

Posted 4 years ago
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Haven't tried dual booting, but I have no problems running Windows 8, installed all the apps that I had on Windows 7 without any issues.

Posted 4 years ago

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