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Windows 8 UI 'strategic mistake,' argues design guru

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After spending some time getting use to Windows 8 pro I actually like it, it's a breeze to use especially if you skip the start screen. Actually purchased another license key for my laptop as well. Both PC/Laptop have SSD's and it's amazingly fast, don't understand what all the fuss is about. I'm going on 50 haha and took to it like a duck out of water. :)
Every new OS is a learning curve, Windows 8 a little bigger than most, but it ain't that big of a learning curve, in fact it was a breeze for me. :)

Your never to old to Rock 'n' Roll but your always to young to die!!!!!
Just a silly thought from me :)

Posted 4 years ago
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Your never to old to Rock 'n' Roll but your always to young to die!!!!!

Good quote.

I really like Windows 8 (Pro).
I'm a gamer, with multi-monitor setup.
I like that they finally decided to add a second taskbar (although I still prefer using DisplayFusion [I am NOT using the 'alternate start menu' they've included - which is actually 'ClassicShell' they've embedded into their software]).
Some old games that did not work on Vista / 7 (32 or 64 bits) now runs great under Windows 8 and, to my surprise, for some I didn't even need to edit 'compatibility'.
Pressing the 'Windows' key while gaming works fantastically (I actually haven't encountered any bugs, hickups or crashes), allowing to easily open another program (let's say a voice program such as ventrilo, teamspeak, whatever) without the need to 'alt-enter' games to make them run 'windowed'.

I don't use the start menu at all, except to launch programs (I dislike desktop icons and I like my taskbar/traybar to have as little as possible - I'm a big fan of minimalism). The first couple days of Windows 8 I enjoyed browing the Windows Store and try a few apps here and there but that 'excitement' quickly faded.
Now, if I had a Windows tablet (RT or Pro later on) I'm sure I'd spend more time with the start menu and it's apps since.. well.. since a tablet and not a pc (I own a galaxy tab and my gf has a nexus 7 - the tablet experience is much different from the pc experience). I'm actually looking forward to having a Windows tablet because they are so sexy and fast and multitask (1/3 - 2/3 screen). I'd be happy even with an RT tablet and I'm not entirely sure I would absolutely NEED a Pro tablet.. but since I love gadgets and I tend to want the best of what's available, I'd probably get a PRo one ;)

Posted 4 years ago

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