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Windows 8 Pro-To upgrade from 7 or not

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  • Started 4 years ago by clibay
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What are the pros/cons of my upgrading from 7 to 8 Pro?
Are there different virsions of 8 and if so do I need to consider any of these?
Thanks for your help,


Posted 4 years ago
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My personal preference is to stick with Windows 7. Don't like the new GUI. Will wait to see what they do with Windows 9

Posted 4 years ago
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If you have a touchscreen, going with Win8 may make sense. If you operate with a mouse or touchpad, Win8 is less attractive.

Posted 4 years ago
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I have a 'regular' desktop pc, no touchscreen (and would NEVER use a touchscreen my my main rig).
Up until last week I was NOT impressed by the preview videos on the new start screen interface.
But after making the jump, I'm VERY happy about it.
Start Screen is actually fun. I mean.. I have an Android phone + a tablet so I'm used to having / playing with icons and arranging them my own way... I'm an uber tweaker. Turns out I love the Start Screen. I wish we had even more ways to customize it.
But enough about the Start Screen. The OS itself runs MUCH faster and smoother.
I'm also an avid gamer. All my games runs great (even a tiny bit better). All my peripherals have been detected and installed automatically during setup.

Windows 8 is a much bigger improvement than 7 was to Vista.
For the low price tag, the added functionalities and increased performances it's, for me anyway, a no brainer.

Posted 4 years ago
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What if I don't my laptop don't have multi-touch hardware, does windows 8 pro is enjoyable to use than windows 7?

Posted 4 years ago
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The more I see of W8 I like it and it seems to be easier and more logical to use, however what was all the fuss about large learning curve and no Start Button.
The Start Button has just become the Start Screen which of course has the advantage of allowing 'one' to arrange it to suit oneself. Leaving only the slightly different Settings & Options to master and then providing you upgrade from W7 you have your original Desktop exactly as it was which allows you to operate exactly as before. It also responds well to Mouse and Keyboard usage.

Posted 4 years ago
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Put it on my wife's new Dell and let her 'test' it for me...

PROBLEMS galore, none that major though.

First, getting around isn't too bad, but you certainly will need more key/mouse usage to get where you might want to go.

Lost a LOT of 'settings' in programs, all minor.

This is a Dell, and a few drivers are missing and reported to be by the W8 Advisor. Dell supposedly had them, but the USB 3.0 driver didn't install? Neither did the ATI Catalyst Control Center, which the Advisor said needed to be re-installed, but it seems it didn't 'take'?

Norton Ghost 15, license is bad, well, it isn't, but you can't enter it.

LinkSys USB network adapter, wasn't found and during reboots either connects at the wrong band or not at all, and rarely to the correct band.

I'm SURE I'll find more as we go on.

Overall, I can't see a speed improvement either.

Irv S.

Posted 4 years ago
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With the overall count of different machines on the planet running Windows, it is going to have issues tracking down drivers for everything; especially first week. I'm not saying that Windows 8 is the messiah of operating systems, but with all of the changes, I have loved it; and loved the change in gui. I love the start screen; but I am an advocate for having 2 screens if you're going to use this operating system. I think that it is the new age of computing. People have this preconceived notion about tablets and phones etc; but this is a fully formed free standing os.

I would strongly suggest that you take the time and try it out on your own - you may not regret it... most people I have seen who fuss have been stating "I saw pictures and aint no way I'm gonna do that"... then those same people go out and install it to prove themselves right and find themselves in 24 hours saying Wow this is fast, and easy to use... FYI check out the video of the 7 second boot time on a laptop.

Posted 4 years ago

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