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(Solved) - Windows 8 Music App (Photo and Video too?) all content stored on Mapped NAS

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  • Started 4 years ago by nickallison
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I have recently upgraded a HP Notebook to Win8 and all seems to have gone successfully, however, I now have an issue with the way the the Metro Music App appears to work.

All of my Music (around 50GB of MP3s) is stored on a Mapped (Y:/) NAS Drive. (This NAS has multiple shares, all individually mapped but I don't think that that is relevant.)
The Network address is \\{NASNAME}\Public\Shared Music (with a space between "Shared" and "Music")
The Mapped Drive Address is Y:\Public\Shared Music

I understand that the Music App will only recognize AND store music that is stored locally on the W8 Machine.

I know that:

It is possible to search and play individual files from within the Music App. This is no way to go on as I do not wish to be searching everytime that I wish to play a track.

I could INDEX the folder. But I do not want the entire folder copying to the local HDD. It's on a NAS for a reason!

I have tried the mklink /d from the command prompt. Following the directions from Windows Help more or less to the letter.
I entered it correctly including the "" marks around address with SPACES. The command seems to have worked and the relevant folders seem to be linked. However, the Music App still does not FIND any of the Music Files automatically.
Inspection of the LINKED folder at C:\share\music does not appear to show the correct shortcut address. I would expect that the shortcut would be one of the two addresses above. However, it is C:\share\\{NASNAME}\public\shared music. Surely this is not correct?

Have failed to find any other items or advice on how to achieve what I desire, or whether it is actually possible with Win 8 as it currently exists.

Any as to how to proceed, much appreciated.

Posted 4 years ago
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Apparently, this is a known problem with MS. It appears you will need to be patient. The link refers to
Windows Home Server (WHS), but I think that is irrelevant to Win8's mishandling of shares.
The other day I was in a retailer and overheard the salesperson ranting and raving about how
tablets could assess NAS shares. Seems as if the word has not gotten out about the scale of the problem.

I quote the attached link:

"This seems to be a limitation of the shipping versions of the Win8 apps, Music, Photos, etc - not being able to use
(raw, non-WHS) network shares that are added to libraries. That said, apparently Microsoft is working on
updating these apps to include this functionality.

That they did not include it as part of the release is a mystery.

That their tech support does not know this is frustrating and disappointing.

So, in short - we must be patient for a fix...."

Win8 shortcomings admitted

Accepted Answer · Posted 4 years ago
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Thanks for the info Fhirkin9
It is as I feared from the rest of the research that I have done.
Thankfully it is not my Laptop that was upgraded (I use the NAS share a lot for music, through zune and Windows Phone).
The one in question is virtually exclusively for browsing and email by "the wife" and I figured was the best bet for testing out the Brave New World.

Posted 4 years ago

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