I have 12 systems in da Internet cafe of which 11 are for customers use and 1 for main use, i been using windows 8 right from consumer preview and due to one reason or the other i have to reinstall the os, configure it and install the apps atleast twice every month on each system mainly due to power issues since there are no ups for any system as i cant afford it.The systems are connected through 16 port D-Link Switch on a 2 Mbps Connection.

The configuration of 11 system varies of which 9 of em have same 945 Motherboard, 1 GB DDR2 RAM, P4 Processor but size of Hardisk's vaires. Among the hardisks 9 of em are IDE connecter type, size's are usually 20gb or 40 GB and the other 2 are 160 SATA I and 80 GB SATA I.

I can could easily install Windows 8 through bootable USB Drive despite the H/W configurations are old

I have a Kingston G3 32 GB USB Drive, Windows 8 x32 Bootable 8GB USB Drive &xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx.

The xxxxx has Acronis True image home and other good Backup utilities and every s/w booted perfectly. Once the Windows 8 and Apps are installed the tolal consumed space by C drive is around 18+ to 19 GB. If possible what i wanted to do is install the OS also every needed s/w on one System, update and configure it, use it as reference image using Acronis or any other similar backup utility and install/Deploy/Restore on the other 10 systems.

Will it be possible ? if yes how ? can any one please guide me !

Edit by mod. That software is not allowed to be mentioned here. It is illegal.

Posted 4 years ago