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Windows 7 Recovery Disk - No listed OS, how to load drivers?

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  • Started 6 years ago by Breckan
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Background: HP DV4-2045, was having hard drive issues (randomly would give no boot disk error if hard restart or was in hibernate too long). So, was able to get it started long enough to create a recovery disk, which I was told would be needed when I replaced the hard drive.

Phase 2: New hard drive is purchased and physically installed. Seagate Momentus 500GB SATA Notebook HD 7200 (I was a good girl and checked compatibility requirements before purchasing).

Phase 3: (current phase) Inserted recovery disk. Got to screen that says System Recovery Options. 1. Use recovery tools that can help fix problems starting Windows. Select an operating system to repair. If none listed, click Load Drivers and then install drivers for your hard disks. 2. Restore your computer using a system image you created earlier.

I tried option 2, says no such image found.

I tried option 1, it opens (what I'm assuming) is the info on the recovery disk, with lots of files that make absolutely no sense to me...*if* the drivers files are on there somewhere, I would have absolutely no clue as to how to identify them. I don't even know what kind of drivers we're talking about...for the operating system? The new hard drive?

Yes, I am completely technically clueless. Please help. I have to travel in a few days, and not having my laptop with me would not be a good thing.

Thank you so much. :D

Posted 6 years ago
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i think you might have needed to use something like ghost or acronis to create an image of the entire drive to copy over.

do you happen to have a windows 7 installation disc?
if not, check out the downloads at the link below for your version.
Download Windows 7 ISO – Official Direct Download Links. Someone posted this link recently - and i noticed that it wasnt removed so im guessing it was good. what im getting at is that you can download the image and make your new disc. and install fresh.

also just noticed that seagates got this " Seagate DiscWizard " thing that might come in handy. Just want to put some options out ther. perhaps some else can chime in to advise you s'more.
right off the Seagate Diswizards User's guide (page 8)...
Seagate DiscWizard also lets you transfer your data to your new Seagate disc drive in minutes. The software migrates everything – your operating systems, applications, documents and personal setting – to your new disc drives just as you had them ....

Posted 6 years ago
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Thank you very much for the response! That's really helpful, actually. I actually have a good friend who is hooking me up with a completely fresh install of Windows 7 and is holding my hand through it. lol

Love this site tho, and very happy I found it!

Posted 6 years ago

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