This is my workstation with Windows 7 Ultimate. Very strange, if I map a network drive by name i cant access it by ip address, i.e. \\nas works, \\ does not. If it is not mapped I can only access by \\name. If i map by ip address then i can access it both ways. Now i think this problem is causing me not to be able to access that same drive via ftp with public ip adddress. I cant figure it out and its driving me nuts, now i think it has to be my ethernet card since y connected that same station via usb to my blackberry and disable my ethernet and tried to ftp with ip address and IT WORKED!!! Has to be the ethernet ha? What do you guys think?

I need to fix these so i can access my ftp via public ip address so i can test my links to clients that i send them to, to access our ftp. That is why it all started.

Please help!!!

Posted 7 years ago