Hey guys,

I've run into a very interesting problem with my install of Windows 7. A couple days ago, I found that I could no longer write certain things to the Desktop. I can copy a file/folder to there or create a shortcut and open it, but I can't make changes to any files found there. For example, I have a picture on my desktop - I can open it, but I can't edit in any way at all. Same goes for Word documents, etc.

I also can't download anything from Firefox to my desktop, which is my preferred location for downloads. Firefox doesn't even open the Downloads dialog box when I try - nothing happens. I can download to other folders without issue.

Any ideas as to why this may be? I've taken ownership of the Desktop folder already, checked that I have the correct permissions to write to it, but still no luck. Everything seems to be read-only.


Posted 7 years ago