Hello, I've been having terrible problems...

I was using Acronis True Image 2010 and trying to duplicate some data from an image file created by Acronis (my documents) to move to a different partition on another HDD. As I did this, the computer restarted (strangely).

I've tried all sorts,

gone through the process of trying to fix the boot record using elevated command prompt in 'Repair your computer' from the installation disc.

When I was setting up the HDDs, Windows showed as drive C. Now it appears to be drive H:.

In the system recovery options, I am getting repair details:

The following startup options will be added:
Name: Windows 7 Ultimate (recovered)
Path: Windows
WindowsDevice: PArtition=H: (102405 MB)

Name: Windows Recovery Environment (recovered)
Path: Recovery\2554aadc-cd0f-11de-9613-958c5868929f\Winre.wim
Windows Device: Partition=H: (102405 MB)


This all started when I went into Acronis True Image 2010 to try and correct a dynamic disk and covert it into a basic, logical drive (which I never got around to). I was trying to duplicate a partition using a backup created minutes before by Acronis True Image 2010, of my documents folder, to copy over the dynamic disk (thus eradicating the problem of a dynamic disk, which although the space was expended, it appeared in two sections in disk management).

PLEASE HELP ME, I have some very important work to complete. This is particularly time sensitive.

Note: I have 4 drives installed.

3 are SAMSUNG SATA HDDs (2 x 1TB & 1 x 750GB) - 1. Documents, 2. Documents & 3. Backup
1 is a WESTERN DIGITAL PATA HDD (1 x 320GB) - 1. Windows [System Reserved: 100MB, Windows: 100GB, Acronis Secure Zone: 98GB, System Image: 98 GB).


I am playing as we speak.

I've just managed to load up Windows, but had to manually press F8 during bootup and select the WD HDD.


Any ideas or premenant fixes?

Posted 7 years ago