I am having issues sharing over home network since upgrading all (3) PC's to Windows 8, in one direction only. Didn't have the issue with Windows 7. I followed procedure on setting up HomeGroup on pc1 (desktop using Windows 8 Pro), creating a password. Set up pc2 (desktop using Windows 8 Pro) and pc3 (laptop, access wirelessly using Windows 8 Home basic) identically adding the created HomeGroup password from pc1 to the other 2. I have optioned the folders I want to share to allow for sharing on each PC. Homegroup options same for each pc.

From the main pc1, I can see pc2 and pc3 and access all folders (or printers) allowed for sharing from those PCs. From pc2, I can access pc3 but can not access pc1 from MY Username (Get Windows can not access message). From pc3, I can access pc2 but again can not access pc1 from MY Username with same error message. However, where pc2 and pc3 fail, both work fine from a separate Username. My wife has a separate user name on each pc2 & 3 and she can access pc1 shared folders and printers under her name where I can not. There is something clearly different on pc2 & pc3 between my user session and my wife's even though Homegroup was set up the same for both (I thought). Running Windows 8 Network troubleshooter (as always) produces nothing. I have rechecked all the Homegroup options and shared folders for each pc and each session and can not see any problems.

I am using AVG anti- virus (2013) and Windows Firewall on each pc if that could be an issue but don't see how. I can only assume there is a registry key different under my user name for pc2 and pc3 that doesn't allow me access to pc1 but would have no idea where to look or how to get associated keys easily back to default. The 2nd user again from the same pc's doesn't have the issue. I feel like I've done all the obvious things to check and it's why I feel a registry key is different that restricts me from seeing the main pc1 from the other 2.

Posted 4 years ago