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(Solved) - Win 7 OS; Two Questions

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  • Started 4 years ago by rushunter
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I have two questions:

1. I currently have a functioning laptop with Win 7 64Bit. I also have a complete set of recovery discs as well as a system repair disc.

If I were to obtain another laptop could I use my discs and install my current Win 7 on the new laptop?

If so, then I could install a backup cloned HDD in the new laptop and have everything already set up as I prefer without customizing and installing all my software again.

This might also allow me to buy a laptop with Win 8 and replace it with my Win 7.

2. I have cloned my SSD onto an HDD using EaseToDo sotware. Can that HDD be used in another computer?

Posted 4 years ago
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Answer to Question 1:
No you cannot. Recovery discs are linked to computer hardware so trying to use them with a different computer would not work.
If you got a new laptop you could download the official ISO for Windows 7 and then use the product key from your old computer on the new.

If you are trying to use both computers, it will not work as you only have ONE product key for Windows 7. It can be transferred to the new laptop but not used on both simultaneously.

Answer to Questions 2:
I do not believe so because the two computers would have different hardware. I can't quite remember on this so wait until another member answers this question.

Posted 4 years ago
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None of that will work - unfortunately.

The OS product keys that apply are the ones that are on the COA sticker of the laptops. The OEM product keys apply only to that particular installation (including the recovery discs).

Programs that were installed afterwards have to always be reinstalled. A transfer from one OS or system to another does not work.

A cloned image is not a running system. It only becomes a system when it is recovered - on the same system because of the activation.

Replacing Windows 8 with Windows 7 is possible. But if the system has UEFI instead of BIOS it is a difficult undertaking. Best is to buy the new laptop with Windows 7 - which you can ask for and must be granted (court decision).

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