I've enabled the link to the How-To Geek Wiki, which is the major new section of this site. The full plan will be explained in the next few days, but for now just know you are free to add or edit whatever content you'd like on it.

The copyright license is a little strict at the moment, I chose the strictest version of the Creative Commons license until I have a chance to really understand them all, at which point I'll change it. The main thing I want to prevent is anybody else stealing the hard work of our community and trying to profit from it.

There's a whole bunch of stub pages already in the wiki, which will be expanded by myself and others as time goes on.

For the perspective of the forum regulars, the wiki is a perfect place to put troubleshooting information - you know, the stuff that you keep explaining to people over and over again.

[edit] The wiki is still a work in progress... there will be a lot of changes happening. You are welcome to suggest any changes here.

Posted 9 years ago