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Why does some IM messaging people have audibles or not?

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  • Started 9 years ago by blueyedblonde1956
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When i IM message a friend or associate i was wondering, I have yahoo messaging and windows live messaging. Now i have to have an email address to contact people but why is it on both of them i set up for audibles and emoticons or smileys etc but i notice from one person to another sometimes i don't have these features. On one or not the other. Sometimes none also i have a friend who says she has her picture up on the IM messaging and everyone else sees it but me all i see is a black square. Can anyone explain this to me I don't understand. I went inside the options and it is DEFINITELY set up for the picture as mine is also there and she sees it but i can't see hers, but as i said all her friends can use them and see her pic. but me. I have run out of ideas???? Si i have several friends that i IM message but from one to another i can't use audibles or emoticons or smileys....WHY NOT?????...thanks in advance for any's nice being back on here again..Nancy

Posted 9 years ago
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It could be the other person is using an older IM client version that doesn't support those features.

Posted 9 years ago
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most possible reason is what jd2066 said above.

other possible reasons i can think of are:

  • the settings are turned off on the other IMs, for example, i turned off the sounds on my YM's audibles, so when somebody tries to send me an audible, the sound won't play, but the animation will.
  • you're behind a firewall preventing the display image to show, e.g. i have the same version of YMs installed here at the office and in my laptop at home, but the display images in my office YM oftentimes do not show because of our network firewall
Posted 9 years ago
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I had the same problem when sending mails with animated backgrounds. I was told, that certain mail servers do not support HTML and that's why the animation does not show. Maybe you want to test yours regarding animations along those lines. This would not explain the audible problem though - I suppose.
For HTML in Windows Mail also verify in (on the mail page) Tools > Options > Security > Download Images

Posted 9 years ago

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