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(Solved) - Which operating system do geeks prefer?

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  • Started 4 years ago by Raffyb
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What you all are saying about Vista is probably true. I only used it only on friends' computers so I don't know how much RAM they had (except for one that had it on an Acer Apire One netbook that had the Atom processor that could handle no more than 1 GB of RAM; that was a marriage made in hell!; went there, too) but they were all sluggish dogs if doing anything more than web browsing. Had M$ specified that a minimum of 2 GB RAM was required, mayhap a lot of the grief could have been averted. Another feature people hated was the more intrusive UAC Vista had that drove people nuts.

As I said, the fatal blow for Vista for me had to do with hardware and software incompatibility. Some of that was from manufacurers that were slow (or refused) to respond with the updates needed to allow their hardware and software to operate properly with Vista.

Posted 4 years ago
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When I'm not using CP/M on my trusty old MZ700, I generally use windows 7, CyanogenMod, Snow Leopard 10.6.8, Mac OS 7.1, Server 2008r2, WHS 2011 and Windows Thin PC, all to varying extents.

But yeah, if you actually want to get something done with a minimum of fuss, it's got to be Windows 7.

Posted 4 years ago
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Windows 8 or Ubuntu or Raspbian

Posted 4 years ago
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I think the biggest dump on Vista was the transition from XP. Many folks jumped ship over the learning curve. What made it more unatractive was Vista before SP1 plus some hardware and software complaints. The other big problem was as mentioned the shortage of RAM in many machines.
Sort of like Windows ME. Didn't last long.
Funny nobody mention the transition from win3.1 to win95. Win95 was a real winner correct drivers were hard to find and windows didn't like them half the time. That's when the tape backup images became necessary. Didn't want to lose the setup.
BTW: Windows 7 is a very good and reliable O/S but again windows 8 has that transition period. All the younger folks with the Ipads, tablets and alike probably will find Windows 8 very easy to use.

Posted 4 years ago
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Windows Server 2008 skinned to look and feel like win7, so far this is my fave due to stability... at home i am on Windows 8... I think the notion of Geeks all wanting to use Linux has long gone, having an OS that others dont and no one elase understands was cool but being able to quickly and reliably install new devices, software, games and be able to use them in no time is way cooler. i loved ubuntu back in the day but i just couldnt do as much on it as fast as i could in windows! The compiz fusion was great to make it good looking but the green speckles it left everywhere because the drivers for the GPU i had sucked, probably writen by some guy in his bedroom who got bord halfway through because he knew he wasnt getting paid for it!!

Posted 4 years ago
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There will never be as much effort put into an OS as there was in W7 by MS...after the poor uptake and problems with Vista, MS Knew W7 had to be spot on and I think they did an excellent job. Looks like they may have another Vista scenario on their hands with W8 looming...they'll put it right though I think.

Posted 4 years ago
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My account was blocked for some odd reason. Thank you everyone for replying and pointing out your views about operating systems. To me Linux is the way to go since I like to accomplish everything through the terminal. But everything comes down to the end user's preference different geeks like different things.

I found this really useful The Best Linux Distributions

I'm currently running Linux Arch on my main PC I absolutely love it!

Posted 4 years ago
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There is the Linux problem. To some people it may be an advantage to be able to choose between a gezillion distros. But for most people that is a nightmare. If all those developers would bundle their forces and produce ONE Linux, I am sure that would be a superb system. But the way it is right now, it is just a mess.

Posted 4 years ago
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Bring back BeOS!!

Posted 4 years ago
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I have been using computers since 1978, I am a CNA since 1985, A Linux Administrator since 1990, Windows certified since 1995, I consider myself a professional 'geek'. now that said, I have seen many operating system from CP/M, Z80 Based, Unix, OS/2 Warp, BeOS, Linux Since Slackware 1.0 and other variations, windows since it has been born out of the garage of IBM's MS DOS wake.

Operating systems are like underwear, you like boxers or tighty whities ? does it matter?
More importantly is does the operating system perform what you need it to do?

I have a disabled daughter, and she Uses Windows 7, because the accessibility software package permits her to use her eyes to use a on screen keyboard.
I have a wife that enjoys the internet and gaming, and is a web page designer, what does she use, yep Windows 7 as well.

Now I have... numerous Computers, some older some top of the line, and I have everything in between when I deal with my clients, what do I prefer to use ? windows 8 why ? because it runs faster on my dual Pentium laptop then windows 7 has. I also have 6 removable drives for another test pc that I use for customer Q&A issues and personal testing of drivers. I carry Ubuntu, Windows xp, Windows 7 Windows 8, only because they are the only operating systems I support and the one the manufacturers support for their hardware, and this is the biggest issue, hardware.... if developer do not create drivers, the operating software is doomed to become instinct

what OS I have prefer(ed), personally I loved BeOs, and IBM OS/2 Warp (I know I made some smile here), Windows then Unbuntu in that order. :) cheers

yes I did not even mention Apple OS as at it is not an hardware/Software package that supported enough devices my clients use and therefore I have no need to investigate it, personally I refuse to use it because it is based on "controlled hardware" definitions because apple has scares people coule not need them if they could design drivers for it.

Posted 4 years ago

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