just around last two weeks, my original laptop battery was broke, so i decided to buy a new one, but for the OEM one, that is way too expensive since my laptop was already three years old, so a replacement one would be much better, because of the black Friday, so lots of promotions at amazon.com and sd etc , i searched around , not too many good promotions attracted me, after detailly comparison, one replacement has given me the lowest price and this listing has lots of reviews so i give myself a shoot, decided to buy one, i has been two week , everything seems goes wonderful, highly recommend to this brand , below is my battery information just in case anybody who want to have a replacement, go to check if you can will replace the same one
my compatible part number:HSTNN-Q34C, HSTNN-C51C, HSTNN-C52C, HSTNN-C53C, HSTNN-W48C, HSTNN-W49C, HSTNN-W50C,HSTNN-DB72, HSTNN-IB72, HSTNN-UB73 , HSTNN-DB73, HSTNN-IB73, HSTNN-CB73, 462889-761, HSTNN-CB72,HSTNN-LB72,HSTNN-LB73,HSTNN-UB72,HSTNN-XB72,HSTNN-XB73,KS524AA,462889-121, 462889-421, 462889-761, 462890-151, 462890-161, 462890-251, 462890-541, 462890-751,482186-003, 484170-001, 484170-002, 484171-001, 485041-001, 485041-003, 487296-001,487354-001, 497694-001, 498482-001, EV06055,KS526AA,

Posted 4 years ago