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When I want to minimize my window in disapear completely?

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  • Started 7 years ago by GoldenQueen
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I had a few problems since I install Windows 7 and here is one among many...
I open my home page and then if I want to "minimize" the page it "Disappear" I just cannot
retrieve it back...then I "lost" that page and I have to open a new does
not go into the taskbar ....I have to open new pages..I can always keep them one in the back
of others but its quite annoying .........
Its like "lost in Microsoft Paradise" yeah right ...

May I have your help please....yes again

Thank you for you all ..
YourCanadianFriend Goldie :)

Posted 7 years ago
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Confused here... if possible can you provide the exact steps?

From what I read in the title and your message you open FF, then go to your web page and now you want to minimize it, right? So, if CNN.COM is you home page and you start FF, it opens to CNN, then what do you do? Hit the - on the upper right to minimize FF? OK, assuming this is the case, two things to try. Use a different URL and then minimize. Does it also disappear? If so, you've got an FF problem.

If it is a FF problem, you need to start it in SAFEMODE which takes all the extensions and themes out of the equation, they may be causing the problem.

If ONLY your specific home page is the problem, it still could be an Extension or theme problem as well. Do the same, start in SAFEMODE and see if it works.

Check HERE for instructions on starting in Safe Mode.

Irv S.

Posted 7 years ago

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