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What is your favorite set of tools to capture/organize/cite information?

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  • Started 4 years ago by milnehouse
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I'm a graduate student who is trying to get organized. A thesis is a relatively complex long-term project that involves a lot of research... so I have a lot of tasks and a lot of information to keep track of.

I've found a bunch of software that do some of what I want, but nothing complete. Ideally, I would like a tool (or set of tools) that will let me:

1. capture information (web clippter, note taking app)
2. organize information (mind map software that will let me include files/webpages)
3. plan tasks using that information (todo list, gantt chart)
4. create content that refers to my content library (reference manager, blogging platforms)

Right now I'm using a collection of tools that look like this:

1. capture: Evernote + Mendeley Bookmarklet for PDFs + InstaPaper for web pages
2. organize: XMind for mind mapping, Mendeley for organizing literature
3. plan: ToodleDo for simple todo lists, Workflowy for complex project plans, Excel for gantt charts
4. create: Word + Mendeley plugin for writing papers, Wordpress & Twitter for publishing to web

That's 10 different pieces of software to do tasks that are all related to the process of gathering, organizing, an citing the same set of resources.

There must be a better!

Posted 4 years ago
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Welcome to HTG. (you could have added a please in there)

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LH, young people don't know the word 'please'.

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Or most times thank you either.

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Hi Milnehouse,

Welcome to HTG :)
Depending on the contents of your thesis you need different things, however I found out typing down my data in Word or writing it down and using different colored papers to bookmark the books I needed, worked a lot better than using all kinds of organizer software.
Typing things out and making lists yourself - either in word or on paper - organizes your mind and makes your task easier.
(and this is coming from someone who has a piece of software to do just about any task she can think of, because for some things there just is no shortcut!)

Goodluck with the thesis :)

Edit: I'm clearly too slow these days, you guys posted in between! <LOL>

Posted 4 years ago

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