I was surfing the web as usual and I came across this list of hot keys to use in windows 7, so I decided to go ahead and try them out one by one...then I pressed WinLogo + F . Now this is supposed to search my PC for files, but it ended up completely removing my entire task bar...everything except the Windows Start Menu Orb. I thought at first that this was the worst thing ever...but then I noticed that the entire task bar section is now treated as a regular desktop area, and now I don't want it to ever go away It's really cool having just the orb there and nothing else.

I'm not sure If anyone knows how to repeat this effect but it will be cool to have.

*Here are some pictures of my current desktop w/out the task bar*



And iv'e been searching everywhere but can't find any way to remove text on desktop folders...so if any one knows that to please let me know.

Thank you :)

Posted 7 years ago