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W8 Security Issue

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  • Started 4 years ago by Sarris
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See this: W8 & Big Brother

Posted 4 years ago
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And I suppose WOT, McAfee Site Adviser, et. al. do not do the same thing. If you want a service you have to pay for it. Nothing is free. Not all good intentions are nefarious.

Posted 4 years ago
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Another tool for the USA to use towards the extradition of British subjects from Britain, and other countries, to America without a hearing or proof of any crime.

Posted 4 years ago
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@ Seasider2. Hunh?

Posted 4 years ago
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Agree with Seasider on the fact that this is serious.
Xhi, you might see it as just a tool to help people by warning them for malicious software, but heck, people are stupid, if they want to install ****, they will.
Doesn't matter if warnings popup or you put a UAC on a computer - just a few clicks that get automatic for people, so they still don't see.
This comic says it all ...

But to misuse this kind of 'helpfullness' is easy.
Like the article says "It may be possible to intercept SmartScreen's communications to Microsoft and thus learn about every single application downloaded and installed by a target."
So someone could just see what software you use to store your passwords ...
Or if you're an alcoholic and use a program to help you kick the habbit (won't mention worse habbits here, you get my drift). How long will it be before an employer get's his hands on data like that or the government in it's chase for so called terrorists or grave criminals.
And don't give me the nonsense about it being good catching criminals.
Of course that is good - but if someone is up to no good there are other ways to research that ánd there should be at least enough reason to suspect someone, before personal info can be collected, not the other way round 'we monitor everyone in the hope to catch a villan'.
There is too much data to monitor everyone, so in that regard it is useless, it only makes it easier to pick a target when the wrong people want to.

And what is next? Microsoft will monitor what is being written in Word or Excel?
Don't think that if you're innocent all will be ok.
It's a huge breach in privacy (and sure, half the stuff on the internet forms some breach of privacy, but at least you can choose then - you need an OS and particularly MS is the way to go in most job situations, there is virtually no choice there).
It gives a darn nasty taste if data is collected straight of your computer, not just by your behaviour when browsing the internet.

Posted 4 years ago
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One more reason to stay away from Windows 8.

Posted 4 years ago
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An interesting update is found at the bottom of the article in question. Not that it completely allays my concerns, but here is what it says: "Update 3: Approximately 14 hours after this article was published, another scan of Microsoft's SmartScreen servers reveals that they have been reconfigured to no longer support SSLv2. The servers now only support SSLv3 connections."

Posted 4 years ago

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