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I'm not sure there is a discussion already going for this and I missed it.
I would like to set up a vpn with a company in another country but need some step by step instructions on how to do so.
Do I need an existing internet provider, what router do I need to get that is top notch, where and what firmware do I need.
I've never done this before and want to do it correctly.
If I do a vpn will I be able to securely working on my business websites and access what is needed online?
I limited to the max my privacy, cookies and so on and man, I couldn't access a ton of stuff that I refused 3rd party cookies for, etc
I already have a secure email in Russia just for secure messages and access to a secure IM if desired.
It may be I will only be able to use the vpn for the most secure of things I need.
I'm doing anything illegal but do see the time coming where internet in US may be a privilege and not something as taken for granted currently. I plan to stay online as long as possible and that's not going to happen if internet in US limited and I rely on it. I'm not really sure configuring my Windows 7 is the direction to go in doing this.
Some may think I am radical and that's ok. I am!
Because of processing orders through a ecommerce provider in the past, when they did a scan of my computer,I discovered I have an open port that my current internet provider seems to have a brain cramp in closing or giving me direction on how to do so. So it means anyone with smarts can get my name, IP, physical address and more. Not really comforting at all.
So I'd like some help if possible how to proceed with a vpn, how to configure a router, all the ins and outs of doing so, etc.
Thanks in advance,

Posted 4 years ago
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Hello ,
All you need is real IPs from your ISP , a firewall and an ssl vpn device and you will got your VPN.
Check Cisco or Juniper or any other providers.
You can contact them and they will suggest you what is the best for your environment.

Posted 4 years ago

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