I have a IBM Thinkpad T60, 2GB RAM with a Graphics Card X1400 w 128 MB memory.

I have the following installed

Ubuntu 7.10 + Compiz-fusion (CompizConfig Settings Manager 0.5.2) + vmware-server 1.0.4

All with latest updates

And a native Windows XP prof. preinstalled.

I use my Ubuntu to run my physical (raw) windows partion with vmware-server
( see this link on how to do this:


In Ubuntu:
When I start vmware server and run Windows XP Prof. on it (while Im in the default "Run Xclient scripts" session OR in the normal GNOME session) the first pages of lines with BIOS info and GRUB are there. However the graphics are displayed very slowly. I can almost see the lines being drawen on the vmware screen, almost like the graphics card cannot pull anymore weight.

It reads:
PhoenixCiew(tm) VGA-Compatible BIOS version 1.00.00
Copyright (C) 1984.1992 Phoenix Technologies Ltd.
All Rights Reserved

Note - it is not possible to enter the vmware BIOS in this session! Since that part -never shows-!!!

Nevertheless It is possible to reach my GRUB menu from where i can choose what OS I want to run.

However, when I choose windows xp in GRUB the windows splash screen is supposed to pop up... But that does NOT happen - it just gives a black (blank) screen. But oddly enough, it is atually clear that windows is loading and running, since the screen resizes itself appropriately. It is of course not possible to log in since i cant see anything.

Now, if I log out of the default session. Choose the "failsafe GNOME" session, and Then start vmware server. Everthing works like a charm! The VMware BIOS is displayed correctly AND it IS possible to enter the vmware BIOS since it is visible!!! After choosing windows XP Prof. the splash screen is displayed and I can log on to windows normally. Everything works, and I can see everythig. I can do what I need to do and shut it down, and turn back to Ubuntu.

No errors what so ever!

Clearly, something is getting in the way when Im in the "Run Xclient scripts" Session or "GNOME session". However, it is important to note that I had actually Turned OFF Compiz-Fusion when I was in the "Run Xclient scripts" session. So I dont think that ccsm was getting in the way!

This it must have something to do with the transition from failsafe GNOME session to "Run Xclient scripts" session or "GNOME session".

What new is activated when we run the "Xclient scripts" or GNOME?

Turning what ever it is off would probably fix this. Well, Im not an expert on that, hopefully this will not deactivate compiz-fusion.

At the moment i of course have to log out of ubuntu and login in failsafe mode if I want to run vmware server.

Why is it possible to run VMware server perfectly normal in failsafe mode and not in the normal GNOME session or Xclient script session?!?!

And how can it be made possible to run VMware server normally in the GNOME session (perhaps a natural consequence of this would be that it will also automatically run in Xclient script session as well) and in Xclient script session?


Posted 9 years ago