Let me say my problem first: Vista (Home Premium 32-bit) won't boot after I fixed my Ubuntu 64-bit install (through Wubi; there was too much private data on my hard drive already). I also am a noob at Ubuntu, so laugh at my despair all you want.

It started off with me I deciding to go into Ubuntu to practice compiling from source. I found that GRUB had broken. Nothing bad, right? I just whipped out my Ubuntu 32 Bit 12.04 Live USB that I kept for situations like this, looked up the directions on this site for Boot Repair and ran it. It told me that GRUB was fixed and so I decided to restart Windows to test my theory. Nope. Got nothing. Right at the boot selection screen, I picked Vista, it gave me the boot options and I picked "Start Windows Normally." After that, Vista showed the loading bar, very quickly flashed a blue screen, and rebooted my computer. And if I pick Ubuntu, it gives me the GRUB rescue prompt. Which means I'm now locked out of both of my OSes and have now resorted to working on my Live USB. And I don't have a Vista rescue CD, just a Recovery Partition that I cannot access as it is sitting on my OS partition and doesn't show up in the BIOS. Now I'm stuck using my Live USB for now, trying to find options to fix my computer.

So, does anyone know a solution to my problem? Or is there a solution? I have no money to afford Windows 7 and I already have private data on my drive, so destructive methods are not preferred.

EDIT- Here's the link Boot-Repair gave me when the program finished:

Boot-Repair Link

Posted 4 years ago