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Unable to open multimedia attachments in e-mails

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  • Started 4 years ago by garymarshall
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I have recently started having problems when trying to open .wmv files when sent to me attached to e-mail. The relevant multimedia software opens either real or windows media, I then get sound but no visuals. The same happens if I save the file to the desktop, and try either of the programmes again.
I can however view the content if I use VLC, opening the content from the desktop.

I am not aware of changing any settings, and this problem has only recently manifested itself.

I am trunning Win 7, which is fully updated, with MS Outlook 2003.

I would appreciate any advice that might help me solve this issue.


Posted 4 years ago
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It's possible that the default association for .WMV files has changed on your computer from WMP to another program, such as VLC.

Try this and see if it helps:

Open Control Panel

Click on Default Programs

Click on "Associate a file type or protocol with a program"

Wait a few seconds while Windows collects the data.

You will see a long menu consisting of every type of ".XXX" on your computer.

Scroll down until you find the file which matches your question -- in this case, .WMV

Look at the heading on the right (Current Default) to see which program is associated with your WMV files.

If it's not the one you want (i.e., Windows Media Player) then highlight that line by clicking on it.

On the upper right of the panel, you will see a button which says, "Change Program"

Click on that button and you will be presented with a menu of options consisting of other programs.

Choose the program you want to use by default for those files. If it's not listed, then click on the "Browse" button
to locate the exact program you want, and click on that.

You will still be able to view your WMV files on VLC, however the default program for those files will be WMP.

Hope this helps.

Posted 4 years ago
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Sorry Strapsey,
I wasn't so clear in my e-mail....I cannot view e-mail media attachments using any software. I have tried your solution , by associating initially Windows Media, and then when that did not work VLC, but still no joy.

When I copy and save the files to the desktop, VLC is the only player that will allow me to view them, other players only play the sound.

My original thoughts were that the codecs were not compatable, or there were codecs that had been updated which I had not got, which is why I experimented with VLC.

I seem to be going around in circles, and not getting anywhere.

Thanks for your thoughts though,


Posted 4 years ago
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While VLC is extremely popular, I find that sometimes it assumes ownership of any file with which it is compatible.

You could try uninstalling VLC completely, using the free version of REVO uninstaller, which you can find here:

OR -

If this is a problem which appeared only recently - say within the last couple of weeks - you could try and run a Sytem Restore to a date PRIOR to the day you noticed the problem. You can always "undo" the System Restore if it doesn't work.

Keep us posted on your progress.

Posted 4 years ago
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I noticed in your post your mention of 'real', does this mean RealPlayer?

'The relevant multimedia software opens either real or windows media'

If so uninstall it RealPlayer completely and you will have control.

Realplayer is a complete nuisance and is not required in normal use. It comes bundled sometime with downloads unfortunately.


Posted 4 years ago

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