Hi everyone,

I tried the Tomcat installation guide on https://www.howtogeek.com/howto/linux/installing-tomcat-6-on-ubuntu/ but I am having the following problems:

1. NoClassDefinition: When I want to shutdown tomcat. It always gives me that error. But when i startup there are no problems at all.

2. After I followed all the instructions. How do I know if the installation works? I tried moving to (which is the IP address of the server), Tomcat does not seem to load, I got a 404 error. Any idea why is this so?

Sorry for asking these noob questions as I am honestly rather new to Ubuntu/Tomcat. Anyhow, I tried exhausting all avenues and stried several other tutorials always without success. Any idea why is it so complicated to install Tomcat?


Posted 9 years ago